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The word "Mikra" is Hebrew for the Old Testament and means "that which is read".  The Hebrew base word is "kara" which means "read".  The word "Quran" in Arabic is also based on the Arabic word for "read".  In other words, both the Old Testament and the Quran are to be read.

This website is for people who are interested in both the Old Testament and the Quran.  Because there are plenty of resources to learn about the Quran (see your local mosque) we focus on reading the Old Testament.

It makes sense for people to choose which of these two books will be their primary scripture.  (See Quran 5:48.)  Whichever you choose, the other book is also worth reading.

Anyone who takes both books seriously will demonstrate this through their actions.  At a minimum, you would do these things:

1.  Agree that "God is one. Moses and Muhammad were prophets of God."
2.  Pray daily.
3.  Give charity.
4.  Keep Ramadan or keep the sabbath.
5.  Apply the community morals of the Old Testament and the Quran to those who do these five things.