Breakaway groups vs the original sect

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Breakaway groups vs the original sect

I am researching different sects of Christianity and Catholicism seems to be one of the better churches. According to polls their members aren't as pro Israel as Protestant churches. They don't endorse LGBTQ like mainline Protestant churches. They believe works matter to go to heaven, unlike most Protestant churches. Divorce rates are lower than Protestants.

What is strange to me is that this seems to conflict with the rule that much of the rest of the world seems to follow that centralized institutions become corrupt. Instead it seems like the breakaways are worse than the Catholic Church.

This is true also in the Bahai Faith. There are really two informal factions of people among the Bahais: the authoritarians who idolatrously follow the Bahai leadership and do whatever it takes to enforce their will, and the ultra-liberals who are less uptight about following Bahai leadership because their idol is instead liberalism.

I find myself agreeing with the ultra-liberals Bahais more, because my hatred of the Bahai leadership exceeds my hatred of liberalism. And they seem more receptive to my theological interpretation of the Baha'i writings/leadership as well. If I wanted to form a Bahai breakaway sect, the ultra-liberals Bahais would be the ones I would have to cooperate with, because it is unthinkable that any other Bahai would join me in opposing the Bahai leadership.

So let's say I allied myself with ultra-liberals Bahais and form a breakaway sect, then what? Then this sect will just end up doing all the liberal crap that the current Bahai leadership doesn't allow. They will start allowing women to be elected to the highest level of Bahai leadership (which is currently forbidden). They will start becoming pro-LGBTQ and hanging the pride flag at gatherings.

And if the sect takes off it will just keep sucking more and more liberal degenerates from the mainstream Bahai sect, and it will be a liberal cesspool, while the mainstream sect becomes more conservative.

Maybe it is for similar reasons that the Catholic Church doesn't seem so bad today.
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Re: Breakaway groups vs the original sect

Here are the main Christian groups from best to worst:

1. Anabaptists
2. Orthodox
3. Catholics
4. Protestants

Catholicism does allow subgroups to have different opinions, so it isn't completely centralized.

The Anabaptists have ultra-liberal groups.  The Anabaptist idea is to have different groups with different rules, so the conservative groups are pure.