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Cosmology and Programming

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In the 200s BC Aristarchus of Samos invented heliocentric cosmology which was simple and accurate.  But this was rejected by the people of his time.  Why?

The story of Greek science begins with Pythagoras who lived in the 500s BC.  He was the first person to recognize the power of math to describe the world and he applied math to many things.  This inspired Greek astronomers to try to describe cosmology in simple mathematical terms.  This was during the time that Greeks were a rising culture.  They were highly intelligent people who respected reality.

Plato lived in the 300s BC by which time Greece was in decline.  This decline was very well described in the comedies of Aristophanes.  The decline sounds much like all declining cultures in history including our own, and is presumably the result of decaying culture and decaying genetics.  In other words, the Greeks were becoming moronic scum, just as members of modern western culture are today.  Plato was an ideologue who was in love with his own ideas and had no interest in reality.  Plato insisted on a geocentric model of cosmology based purely on circles.  Why?  Just because this was the idea that appealed to him.  Reality was irrelevant.  Aristotle backed him up, and so this became orthodoxy.  By the time Aristarchus came along with his heliocentric cosmology, he was violating orthodox ideas so the moronic scum of his time just ignored him.  Then in the 100s BC Ptolemy created a horrible overcomplicated geocentric model based on the circles that Plato required.  This became the standard for the next 1700 years.

Cosmology only changed again when Copernicus revived the ideas of Aristarchus.  Why did it take to long?  Because humanity had become just too stupid to appreciate good ideas.  They weren't completely retarded.  Ptolemy's horrible system did require some intelligence to create.  And the Romans managed to do engineering and build an empire while completely failing to contribute anything to science or math or have any fundamental insights into the world.  There are levels of intelligence, and Ancient Greeks and recent Europeans were at the top level.  The Romans were at the next level.  And most of history was composed of people too stupid to do engineering or much of anything.

Today's West is currently at the level of the decaying Greeks, heading toward complete idiocracy.  The programmers in Silicon Valley are like Ptolemy, able to construct and maintain horrible overcomplicated monstrosities, but totally unable to innovate at a fundamental level.  All good programming ideas are rejected because they don't fit into current programming ideologies.  Any programmer like Aristarchus who comes up with a good programming idea will be rejected and ridiculed for violating orthodoxy.  Modern programmers are in love with their own ideas and love complexity.  They hate simplicity and anything that violates their ideologies.

Obviously any good programmer today will hate modern culture in all of its aspects.  They should program for themselves and ignore modern culture and write good code.  They can take consolation in the fact that idiocracy will soon arrive and the overcomplicated crap produced by modern programmers won't even be able to be maintained and will soon be forgotten.