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Your biggest enemy is your own ideas.  Most ideas are false.  A delusion is a false belief.  So if you believe your own idea before proving it true in the real world, then you are almost certainly suffering from a delusion.

Nabble failed because of my delusion that freedom is good.  The original version of Nabble was basically a better Reddit before Reddit existed.  The reason that it failed was because I didn't allow forum owners to act like tyrants.  But this is what people wanted, so Nabble failed.

If ideas are fundamentally bad, then how do venture capital firms decide where to invest?  The answer is not so much based on the idea, but rather based on the people.  One test is how well the people can sell their idea.  This doesn't demonstrate the value of the idea, but rather the salesmanship of the founders.

Nextag is an example.  The founding idea was a delusion but the founders were skilled.  I ran engineering but my biggest contribution was actually proving from data that the founding idea doesn't work.  This allowed Nextag to move to another idea based on the real world experience that they had had up to that point, and that worked.

My programming language Luan is an example of how to avoid delusions.  I started by implementing the existing real-world language Lua without any innovations.  Then I modified that language based on my real-world experience of using it.  No modifications are an abstract fantasy, all are based on reality.

Mikraite itself is a delusion.  It is an idea for an ideal religion, that doesn't actually work.  Calling myself a Mikraite would just show me to be delusional.  So what am I then?  I should pick the closest applicable real-world label, and that would be Karaite.  The Karaites themselves may not agree, but I don't care because they are screwing up their own religion.  The Karaite label should apply to anyone who follows the Old Testament which I do.

The best religion is clearly Islam because that is what is currently actually working in the real world.  So even if I am not Muslim, I can still classify myself as a supporter of Islam, and so that is part of my religious identity.

Delusional thinking is a common problem that I suffered from myself.  The cure is daily prayer.  The point of prayer is not to communicate with a magical being in the sky.  The point is to drill concepts into your mind.  Here is the basic content of my daily prayer.  Note that Yehovah is simply the god that represents reality.

Blessed is a sound path, those who go by Yehovah's teaching.  (Psalm 119:1)
Keep me from a false path and grace me with your teaching.  (Psalm 119:29)
I have chosen a trustworthy path, I have set your judgements before me.  (Psalm 119:30)
I have stuck to your evidence, Yehovah, do not put me to shame.  (Psalm 119:31)
A word of truth is not delivered from my mouth because I wait for your judgements.  (Psalm 119:43)
I will keep your teaching continually forever.  (Psalm 119:44)
And I will walk in freedom because I seek your principles.  (Psalm 119:45)
The arrogant ridicule me, but I do not turn away from your teaching.  (Psalm 119:51)
I remember your judgments from history, Yehovah, and find comfort.  (Psalm 119:52)

I do this daily to the form of the Muslim prayer.  I believe that this has cured me of delusional thinking.  I now have absolutely no tolerance for delusional thinking.

This website itself represents the delusional idea of Mikraite.  So what now?  I bought the domain .  Islam is real and my main religious interest now is how moral non-muslims can fit into Islam.  The 2 categories of people that this most applies to is Atheists and Karaites.  I plan to have sub-forums for each group.  I don't know if this new website will attract anyone, but at least if it does, it has something concrete from the real world to offer.
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Re: Delusions

I recommend keeping this website going.