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Fake axiom creation

Due to the unlearnability of git, I am exploring alternatives. But since git is now standard, I need something compatible with git.

hg-git is a git wrapper for mercurial, but it not an option because every time I have tried to install it I have run into problems (because it relies on too many dependencies which the developers don't bundle).

Gitless is another git wrapper I am looking at. Right now I am researching it, reading reviews of it, and working on reading the paper the author wrote on it. Here are some people's comments on it:


If you look at the highest voted comment, it criticizes the author of gitless for both claiming that git has "conceptually" flawed, and then proceeding to make a wrapper of it. As if it is an axiom that if something is "conceptually" flawed, then it wouldn't make sense to make a wrapper of it. The commenter's tone is one where he acts like he knows what he is talking about (of course, he is a teacher), which is probably why so many people accepted this axiom he invented and then proceeded to upvote him.

But the reality is that this is a fake axiom. "Conceptual" has nothing to do with it, no matter what sense of the word he meant. What matters for making a wrapper is that the low-level functionality is there. And in the case of git you can usually do what you need to do with enough googling to find the right syntax, set the right flags, include, the right special characters, which means that the low level functionality is there. So I see no reason why a wrapper of git wouldn't work.