First impressions of Colombia

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First impressions of Colombia

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Colombia itself seems like the people are much more pleasant than Americans. For example, one thing I noticed about American women is if I glance in their direction, they will turn their heads to face away from me. But here in Bogota they do not seem to be bothered if I glance or even stare at them. A couple of times they even smiled back. So in that aspect is obviously much nicer than America.

Also the women here are much more attractive than white American women. Pictures online don't do them justice. You really have to be there to see just how much more attractive the average Colombian is than the average American. This is because when you imagine "white girl" you imagine the hottest white girl you know, neglecting the average attractiveness of white women.

As for online dating, Tinder and Hinge do not seem to be working for me. On Tinder I got 1 match with a tranny (I didn't realize it was a tranny when I right swiped). On Hinge I got nothing so far.

The only app that seems to be working for me is ColombianCupid, which I had to pay for. I get way more responses from this although often the quality is questionable (e.g. divorced women, and women who look older than the age they put on their profile pic), and the women I match with are nowhere near as attractive as the women I see on the street, and some of them seem like bot accounts. I asked one woman from ColombianCupid if she wants to get lunch. I guess there's no harm in buying a woman a meal.

Overall I think my experience mirror's Wary observer's experience in eastern Europe. Yes the women seem nicer, they don't see stuck up like American women, but it's still difficult to date attractive women, at least online.

In my opinion dating apps are really the wrong way for people like us to meet women. You really have to be photogenic to get good results from dating apps. Too bad there isn't a way to get a girlfriend by showcasing your brain.