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Git and Tattoos

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Git is the most popular version control system for programmers.  And I am grateful for Git for the same reason that I am grateful for tattoos, because they are the mark of the beast and easily let me identify and avoid what is bad/evil.  99% of open source software projects are located on GitHub, a website that combines hosted Git services with an incredibly bad user interface.  And thanks to GitHub, I only have to look at 1% of the open source projects when looking for tools, because I know that all of the 99% on GitHub will be horrible.  Tattoos are the same concept, I avoid dealing with anyone with tattoos because I know they will be incompetent morons.  Let us thank God that He has given us obvious signs of evil like tattoos, Git, and GitHub to allow us to avoid disgusting garbage.

To be fair, I only looked briefly at Git before realizing how completely horrible it is, and by now I have forgotten the details.  But here are some links that cover this:  (some humor)

Thankfully there is a good version control system that does everything that Git does, but does it right.  This is Mercurial.  Of course the depraved programmers of evil modern culture hate everything good and love everything that is bad, so they always pick Git over Mercurial.  As Mercurial hosting options have disappeared, I switched to self-hosting by running "hg serve" behind nginx.  For example .  Any undepraved programmers out there who hate modern software and modern culture can contact me if you want to host your Mercurial repository on my server.

Nothing here should be surprising.  All programmers of modern western culture are evil and will always prefer the bad over the good in all areas of programming.  This is just one example.  May these programmers all burn in hell.