Is Population Growth Actually Desired? Weird Articles.

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Is Population Growth Actually Desired? Weird Articles.

R.C. Christian
What do you think of these two articles? They go the opposite direction of what seems to be happening (if we assume that COVID is an "eugenics event"), at least on the surface.

The first one says that China needs to enlarge its population, in response to the US that is already doing the same with mass migration:

Does it mean that while its population will grow because of immigrants, at the same time, the US is getting rid of its own population?

The second one is a bit trickier; it thinks the world population is actually going to start to shrink naturally in the next couple decades:

Is it actually a hint that they ARE sterilizing the population?

Both of these articles are about the numbers in general, but they don't mention intelligence & genetic quality in general, which would be the point of eugenics, and thus it would make sense for the West to utilize to remain competitive against China. That was actually my primary assumption of why they're doing what they're currently doing in the West.