Potato inflation

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Potato inflation

I did some calculations a few weeks ago and found that it took the average person less hours of work to buy a potato in the 1930s than it does for the average person today. So even though we think of technology as helping us to survive, it doesn't seem to do a whole lot to do this, if potatoes are more expensive now than they used to be.

This should also be a source of encouragement to those who are interested in growing their own food. It means that if you grow a potato, it will be worth just as much as a potato has always been worth. And if people were able to make a living growing potatoes back then, then you can too today.

So I would recommend all those who are looking for a "job" to instead focus on growing potatoes. If you want to grow just a few, you don't need large amounts of land, or even any land at all. You can grow them in plastic bags: