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Prostitution is a necessary condition for civilization.  History demonstrates this beyond a doubt.  All productive societies tolerated prostitution.  Only the most brutal or depraved (feminist) societies banned it.  Sparta banned it, and all Sparta produced was war.  In Athens, it was not only legal but promoted.  In the Byzantine Empire, the feminist bitch slut queen Theodora, wife of Justinian, banned prostitution and promoted feminist policies.  In Christian history, Saint Augustine said "If you expel prostitution from society, you will unsettle everything on account of lusts" and Thomas Aquinas followed up saying "Accordingly in human government also, those who are in authority rightly tolerate certain evils, lest certain goods be lost, or certain evils be incurred: thus Augustine says [De ordine 2.4]: ‘If you do away with harlots, the world will be convulsed with lust.’".

The degree to which modern scum (members of depraved modern culture) criticize prostitution should be enough to prove its virtue, since modern scum are wrong about absolutely everything.  Prostitution is necessary to preserve the chastity of other women.  Without prostitution, horny men chase all women, turning all women into sluts or adulteresses.  I mean just look at modern America.  Yes, some depraved western counties do tolerate prostitution.  I haven't lived in them, but I would bet that the women are less bitchy in those countries.  But they are still depraved.  Note that I didn't say that prostitution is a sufficient condition for civilization, only that it is a necessary condition.

The Old Testament makes the above point clear in Proverbs 6:26 which says "For a prostitute’s fee is only a loaf of bread, but an adulteress goes after a precious life." meaning that a horny man should just pay a prostitute instead of committing adultery.  The Old Testament has a number of stories about prostitutes with no negative commentary, indicating that prostitution was simply generally accepted.  I suspect that the authors of the Old Testament couldn't even imagine a society so depraved and retarded as to ban prostitution, so they didn't bother discussing the issue.

As the Christian quotes above indicate, the general Christian view for most of Christian history is that prostitution is a sin that must be tolerated.  While not an ideal position, it does work.  Christian culture widely tolerated prostitution while it was a rising culture.  Of course modern scum Christians oppose prostitution.

Islam has by far the best position on prostitution.  Muhammad directly supported "mut'ah" which is temporary marriage which is a clear and explicit form of prostitution.  So Islam is the only religion which supports prostitution, making it the best religion on this subject.  So why do modern Muslims oppose prostitution?  Because they are generally retarded and they want to conform to modern depravity.  This is why many Muslim women become sluts, though still not as many as in totally depraved modern culture.  The Sunni justification for opposing mut'ah is very weak.  As usual, modern Muslims are violating Islam and the sunnah of Muhammad.

If an intelligent Muslim wants to look into this further, I would be interested to see what he finds.  I would bet that the rejection mut'ah started in the late Abbasid Caliphate which was plagued by feminism.