Satanists versus Idolaters

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Satanists versus Idolaters

The two main religions of modern western culture are Satanism and Idolatry.  These have completely replaced Christianity.  Satanists worship power while idolaters worship ideas.

I follow the Old Testament which only mentions Satan in the book of Job, and the concept of Satan isn't well developed.  The religion with the most developed concept of Satan is Islam, so I will use their concept.  I don't take Satan literally, but the Islamic concept of Satan is an excellent concept for understanding a particular worldview.  The basic idea is that Satan has no real physical power but gets his way by promoting evil through lies.  In effect, Satan is the ultimate sociopath.  This approach has been the approach of most political elites throughout history.  Today we have a global elite that takes this approach and successfully gets the moronic masses to submit to them.  These people seek power through lies.  Most of these people are intelligent and naturally sociopathic.  One exception is Jews who are internally monotheistic but externally satanic.  So they cooperate internally while taking a satanic approach to dealing with the rest of the world.

In Hebrew the root word for "idol" is a verb meaning to shape.  So the concept of idolatry is to worship things that are shaped (made) by people.  In Old Testament times, before internet memes, idols were the way to express an idea to be worshipped.  But the core concept of idolatry is to worship ideas that originate in the mind regardless of the final form of these ideas.  Modern idolaters tend to worship political ideas and technological ideas.  The ideas that they worship are random because they are chosen based on faith in ideas, not validation against something as profane (to them) as the real world.

Both of these religions are evil and tend produce weak societies, but they have very different issues.

While the satanist tells lies, he doesn't believe his own lies and actually seeks the truth for his own benefit.  The idolater has no interest in truth at all, only believing in his delusional ideas.  So the idolater invests in worthless cryptos based on delusional ideas while the satanist would never buy cryptos and instead invests wisely by seeking the most profitable.  In the short term, the idolater gets better returns as many idolaters invest in the same delusion, driving up its price rapidly.  In the long term, the satanists always get a better return as fundamentals play out.

Satanists hate good religions because good religions promote morality which limits the power of Satanists.  Idolaters think good religion is stupid, but they don't actually hate religion.  So it is the satanists who are currently closing the churches and persecuting Christians, not the idolaters.

Idolaters generally hate beauty and good design of any kind.  This is because such things impose constraints on insane ideas.  Satanists don't care much about these things.  So it is the idolaters who have made modern culture so ugly and dysfunctional.

One area where satanists and idolaters are in complete agreement is in their hatred of the free market.  Satanists hate the free market because it gives people freedom instead of making them slaves to the satanists.  Idolaters hate the free market because they want to impose their insane ideas on all things including economics.

Which is worse?  I don't know, maybe a tie.  May all members of modern culture burn in hell.