The Decline of the Jews

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The Decline of the Jews

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The decline in Jewish intellect in recent years is obvious.  This is even discussed on a Jewish website.  What caused this?

Judaism begins with Ezra in the Old Testament.  I wrote a post about this some time ago, but my views have changed since then.  At that time I didn't think in terms of ethnicity, only religion and race.  Based on this I considered Ezra to be a racist for sending away the non-Jewish wives.  And I saw this as conflicting with earlier Old Testament stories that were based on religion.  But thinking in terms of ethnicity resolves the conflict.  Ezra changed the Jews from focusing on religion to focusing on ethnicity, and this was needed for their survival.  Ezra is the source of the idea that if one has a Jewish mother then one is Jewish.  But what Ezra failed to do was establish a defined path to becoming a Jew.

After Ezra, Alexander the Great conquered Israel.  This brought in the thinking of Plato.  The Jews rejected the idea of absolute truth but embraced the idea of debate based on deductive reason.  The ultimate result of this is the Talmud which has the most twisted reasoning I have ever seen.  So now the original Old Testament religion was lost and replaced by insane rationalizing of whatever the rabbis wanted to rationalize.  When Israel was under Roman control there were a number of Jewish sects.  The Talmudic sect won out simply because it was the most ethnocentric.  As the winners, they could determine the conditions for becoming a Jew which basically was following Talmudic nonsense for a few years.

After Rome fell the Jews in Europe aligned with the aristocracy against the people.  This is well documented in the book Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years.  But this didn't involve most Jews.  People against the Jews point to Jewish bankers and Jewish rabbis who were generally evil.  But the average Jew was typically involved in some basic trade and wasn't necessarily evil.  Because monogamy was enforced by Ashkenazi rabbis and conditions were harsh, there was strong natural selection which increased Ashkenazi intelligence.  An intelligent Jew of this time probably would have realized that the Talmud and the rabbis are insane, but he would have put up with them because this is still better than becoming a serf.  So intelligent Jews remained Jews.

Jews lived in their own districts until Napoleon freed them to live wherever they liked.  But this change was gradual.  Europe had now left the dark ages and entered the Enlightenment.  At this point European culture was much more attractive to an intelligent Jew than Talmudic insanity was.  So Jews began to assimilate into European culture, but they generally did not intermarry with Europeans, so remained a separate gene pool.

After WW2, most Jews left Europe.  The obvious choice for any intelligent Jew was to move to America.  But in America, intermarriage was accepted.  So basically what happened is that all the decent intelligent Jews rejected the Talmudic bullshit and assimilated into America.  My family background is Hungarian Jews, specifically scientists known as the Martians.  These people were completely assimilated into Hungarian culture, and totally rejected Judaism.  Once they moved to America, they also genetically assimilated because their children (like me) did not marry Jews.

By now all decent intelligent Jews have stopped being Jews.  The Jews that remain Jews are either stupid or they like the evil Talmudic bullshit.  This is why today's Jews are almost universally scum.  This is why Jewish intellect declined so rapidly.  And this is why Israel is currently implementing a covid vaccine holocaust on their own population, because they are too stupid to know any better and too evil to allow dissent.

Ezra could have prevented all this if he had provided a clear formula for becoming a Jew.  In this case, Talmudism wouldn't have become so dominant, and intelligent Jews wouldn't have been such a rush to leave when a more attractive alternative appeared.  I have applied this lesson to my idea for an intentional ethnicity.