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The world has changed a lot in the last year, changing where is the ideal place to live.  I had looked for a place with Mennonites and Muslims (2 groups I like) and not too may very modern people.  Based on this, I thought of moving to Harrisburg, PA.  But the state of Pennsylvania has become an intolerable Covid tyranny, just like Texas where I live now.

In the past I had thought of moving out of America.  Countries like Mexico were relatively sane places.  The people were passive and the government was corrupt.  This doesn't make for good economics, but it does allow for tolerable culture.  But this has also changed.  Covid tyranny is currently the driving force of the world.  As far as I can tell, the global elite want to use Covid tyranny to subjugate the world.  Of course passive people like those in Latin America will not resist, so they wind up under globalist tyranny.

Let's look at some facts.  Here are the countries that did not lockdown.  Not many, and some American states are among the few.  Here is a travel regulation map.  Again we see almost universal tyranny.

In the current world of globalist tyranny, a passive population is not ideal.  What one wants are people willing to resist.  What would have been the best place to live in Europe in the Dark Ages?  Switzerland, because this is a mountainous country with people who were willing to fight to defend themselves.

Compare this map of Covid freedom with this map of gun ownership.  Not a perfect correlation but pretty good.  Gun ownership is an indication of people willing to defend themselves.  (I currently don't own a gun, but that will change.)

As the world decays and global tyranny grows, the willingness of people to use violence to defend themselves will be the only factor that determines where freedom can survive.  Debate is pointless.  Politics is hopeless.  Only the threat of the gun matters.  Here is a map of gun ownership by country.  America wins, making it still the most promising place to live.  I want to live in a state with relatively high Covid freedom, conservative values, and high gun ownership.  I will visit Idaho and South Carolina soon to check them out.