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I want to briefly explain what I consider to be the point of all this.

Religion is the core of a tradition.  Tradition serves to preserve a group of people (nation, tribe, volk, whatever) over generations.  Over time, the traditions/culture affect the genetics of the group, and the genetics affect the traditions/culture, until they are in sync and the group becomes strong.

There currently is no culture suited for intelligent moral people.  Stupid moral people have several religious options, and intelligent sociopaths have a number of options.  But intelligent moral people have no options.  This means that their genes will be wiped out over time.  The goal here is to develop a religion suited for intelligent moral people.

Because intelligent moral people are extremely rare, one must develop a religion that leverages other larger religions.  But rather than use the parasitic approach of Judaism, I prefer a (mutualistic) symbiotic approach.

The old Mikraite approach was wrong for several reasons.  One is that we are too small to form an independent group.  But the other was the focus on moral requirements which is actually pointless.  The requirements really should be those things that direct a person on the right path.  As the first Surah of the Quran says "Direct us to the straight path."  This path should be the beginning of a religious tradition that can be carried across generations.  This is only possible in the context of a family-oriented religion, which is why our requirements must guide a person down this path, the path of a symbiotic relationship with some other tolerable religion.

Based on this thinking, I will try to define what I think are the key requirements for such a path.  I will list the general requirements in the "Action" forum and how these requirements apply to Islam in the "Under Islam" forum.
Support morality, support Islam.