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Since modern American women are intolerable slutty bitches, a sane single American man must look abroad for women.  Mexico is a close, practical place to look.  Not all Mexican women are great.  After all, feminism is an international plague.  But unlike in modern liberal Western cultures where infection by this plague is almost universal, countries like Mexico do have some women who are not badly infected.

Probably the best way to date Mexican women is to move to the border, somewhere like San Diego.  Then you can date over the border.  Another option is to use a paid online dating service like Mexican Cupid.  Only paid services are worth using since the free services are full of modern parasites, both the men and women, driving decent women away.  And lastly you could try making frequent trips to some Mexican city.

I can attest to the quality of Mexican women.  My wife for the last 24 years is from Mexico.

For another review of Mexican women, see Fred.