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The purpose of religion is very practical, to provide its members with a satisfying life. Such a life generally includes a community of people that members can get along with. If you have found such a religion, then you have no need for Biblic Judaism. If you haven't, then I urge you to...
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I had some thoughts about what Biblic Judaism should be. First, it should not be Karaite Judaism. Karaite Judaism is its own religion and Karaites don't like others using their name. So Biblic Judaism must be a distinct religion. But this doesn't mean that someone can't be both a Karaite and a...
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I don't think these two terms are clear. According to What is Biblic Judaism ? Biblic Judaism is "a new attempt". Does this mean a religion/sect that people will use as a noun/label to identify under like Christan/Jew/Muslim? Or does it mean a process that people will use as a verb like...
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This post of mine was mostly a result of my frustration of failing to find people who understand the Biblic Judaism idea. We discussed this as a group and I think we will aim between #1 and #3 meaning trying to find people who we can at least explain the idea to, probably mostly personal contacts...
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What I will try to show here is that the Old Testament was anti-racist before Ezra and that Ezra twisted the Old Testament to create a new racist religion which is what we call Judaism. I will begin with the first part, showing that the Old Testament was anti-racist before Ezra. A common...
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I can think of 3 ways of growing Biblic Judaism: 1. Find more enlightened people. 2. Start a school and raise Biblic Jews. 3. Be a priesthood for Christian followers. Option #1 is what I have been trying for years. It doesn't work because humanity is stupid and getting more stupid every...
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I'm more of an Old Testament-oriented Christian than a "Biblical Jew" and hopefully that won't be a problem if I'm to post on here! I actually thought that "Biblic Judaism" was a reference to that when I signed up. IMHO, much of the Old Testament can contextualize the NT if you want it to. My...
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... include Jewish culture and Chinese culture. Most of our likely market for growing Biblic Judaism are not going to come from these groups, so... I would like to try to target intelligent passive Christians. These people are smart enough to understand our Bible readings. But they will never take...
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Which is better? "There is no god but Yehovah and the Hebrew Bible is the message of Yehovah." "There is no god but Yehovah and the Hebrew Bible contains the principles of Yehovah." "The Hebrew Bible is the eternal message of Yehovah."
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I like it. And I think it might work. The idea of sabbath is just fundamentally good. Everybody can understand it. We just ritualized it, and that will change the world. This again, makes me think the name of Biblical Judism should be somewhat changed to some sabath related. Name is important.
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Taiwan is pretty affordable without being third worldy. If you want to do something regarding learning Chinese then it's not a poor choice, or so I tell myself being out here :P Good luck finding a place to settle and I'll try to join one of your bible studies some time soon!
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No Tattoos   (Re: What is Biblic Judaism?)
I see tattoos as the most obvious symbol of modern culture. Modern culture chose this symbol because it was previously associated with immoral people. So accepting people with tattoos into our religion would be like an Orthodox synagogue allowing someone to convert to Judaism who always wears a Nazi armband. People that already have tattoos should have them removed before joining us.
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