Who to blame for modern culture

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Who to blame for modern culture

The walking brainstems who pass for people today certainly can't be blamed for anything.  They are the product of modern culture, not the cause of it.  We need to look back to people with brains for the cause.

Boomers were intelligent and well-intentioned but they were ignorant of religion and history and they had inherited a dysfunctional political system that included women's suffrage.  Because their ignorance, it was inevitable that all their conclusions would be wrong.  So they can't be blamed.  Who caused the destruction of education and the political system?

The Third Great Awakening produced the first social justice warriors of western culture.  These lunatics promoted women's suffrage and attacked prostitution and evolution.  Prostitution is needed to protect female chastity and attacking evolution undermined the eugenics movement which was needed to prevent dysgenic decay.  They were also complicit with the destruction of traditional western education as promoted by evil intellectuals.  The full effect of this horrible movement can be seen in the 1920s.  What caused all this?  This was the result of modern Christianity which is an evil perversion of traditional Christianity.  So I can't really blame these people, the blame lies with modern Christianity itself.

Where did modern Christianity come from?  It came from the Second Great Awakening.  A key player was Charles Finney as I described here.  This movement killed the Enlightenment and made Christianity an enemy of science.  It also destroyed the traditional historical understanding of Christianity and encouraged religious ignorance.  So here is where the blame really lies.  But there remains the question of what allowed such a horrible change to happen to Christianity in the first place.

So now I will extend the blame to Luther.  The key good figures in the Reformation are Zwingli and Calvin.  Luther was the bad guy and almost everything he said was bad.  In particular his idea that we are all consecrated priests through Baptism meant that ignoramuses like Finney who lacked any serious religious education could be taken seriously.  For more on the Reformation I recommend reading A Reformation Reader: Primary Texts With Introductions.

Cultures depend on their founding religion.  Western culture depended on the Reformation which effectively died with the Second Great Awakening.  At that point, it was only a matter of time before the culture would degenerate into the collection of evil morons that it is today.